Berliner Reigen / Credits:

Director: Dieter Berner
Screenplay: Heiko Martens,
Paul Schwarz,
Silke Schulz,
Hilde Berger
and the actors
Based on a drama by: Arthur Schnitzler
Composer: Mark Chaet
Director of Photography: Felix Leiberg
Camera Assistant: Hendrik Thul
Set Designer: Petra Ringleb
Katharina Kownatzy
Photos: Joachim Gern
Sound Recordist: Mathias Steinach
Lightning Engineer: Theo Lustig
Zoltan Berta
Costume Designer: Sandra Müller
Makeup/Hairdresser: Monika Streicova
Film Editor: Robert Hentschel
Sound Mixer: Marie-Anne von Busse
Sound Editor: Emmanuel Hoisl
Silvia Schmidt
Assistant Director:
Jacob Groll
Continuity: Maria Würnitzer
Stills: Silvio Naumann
Felix Leiberg
Production Manager: Martin Lischke
Assistents of Mr.Lischke: Kathleen Kunath
Set-Manager: Kerstin Dressler


David Garsoffky

Line Producer: Ursula Sass
Berliner Strasse - studio Babelsberg

Dieter Berner, Director:

Dieter Berner, dircector

Dieter Berner was born and raised in Vienna and Berlin. He began studying drama in 1962 and later attended acting school at the Max Reinhardt-Seminar. First worked as an actor, later as a freelance director in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Primarily a film director since 1973. Dieter Berner created about 40 movies for cinema and television in Austria and in Germany, amongst them “Alpensaga” , a TV-miniserie wich received a number of international awards (Silver Nymph of Monaco, British Academy Award, and more), “Lenz oder die Freiheit”, “Die Verlockung” (Berlinale 1989), and “Die Verhaftung des J.N.Nestroy” (Golden Romy Award 2000 ). Since 2004 he is professor for film acting at the film academy HFF in Babelsberg, Germany.


Filmography (selection):

  • 2006 Berliner Reigen (Director) Germany, HFF „Konrad Wolf“ Babelsberg | Feature Film
  • 2006 Tatort – Die Anwältin (Director) Germany, Saxonia Media |MDR| TV
  • 2005 Tatort – Sonnenfinsternis (Director) Germany, Saxonia Media |MDR| TV
  • 2004 Tatort – Die schlafende Schöne (Director&Sreenplay) Austria, Epo-Film Wien | ORF,ARD | TV
  • 1999 Die Verhaftung des Johann Nepomuk Nestroy (Director & Screenplay,based on a novel by Peter Turrini) Austria, Dor Film | ORF, ARD | TV
  • 1985/86 Lenz oder die Freiheit (Direcor & screenplay with Hilde Berger) Germany, SWF | TV-miniserie (4 parts á 90 minutes)
  • 1981 Niemandsland (Director) Austria, Neue Studio Film | ORF, ZDF | TV
  • 1976-80 Alpensaga (Director, screenplay by Peter Turrini, Willi Pevny) Austria, Neue Studio Film | ORF, ZDF | TV 6 parts à 90 minutes)

Felix Leiberg

Felix Leiberg director of photography with small digicam

was born in Dresden, Germany, in 1978. He has been studying camera at the HFF Potsdam babelsberg since 2001. He worked a a cameraman and director of photography for a number of short films ans documentaries, such as the 15-minute « My Redeemer », which was shown in competition at the Berlinale festival in 2003 ans received awards for the Best Movie, Best Director, and Best Camera at the Capalbio Internat. Film Festival in Italy.

Martin Lischke, Producer :

Martin Lischke production manager on set

Martin Lischke was born in Berlin 1980. He has been studying at the HFF Potsdam babelsberg since 2004. For two years prior he has worked as a production assistant and unit manager for ORB/RBB, a German regional television network. Furthermore he superviced several student movies at the dffb and the HFF as producer and 1.AD.

Mark Chaet, Composer :

Mark Chaet

Mark Chaet was born in Kramatorsk, Ukraine, in 1970. From 1988 until 1993 he studied classical violin at the music conservatory in Donezk. He afterwards played in the chamber orchestra of the Donezk philharmonics, before coming to Berlin in order to complete a second program of studies at the « Hans Eisler School of Music ». He works as a composer and musician, such as in the project « Trio Bravo ».

Heiko Martens :

Heiko Martens Portrait

Heiko Martens was born 1975 in Hannover (Germany) Since 1996 he studied jurisprudence at Humboldt-University. In 2003 he began studying scriptwriting/dramaturgy at HFF „Konrad Wolf“ Potsdam Babelsberg. During this time he jobbed in Zoologischer Garten Berlin, in a hotel furnishing company and worked in a childrens home as an animator and director for theater-therapy.

Filmography (selection)

  • „Narrenspiel“ film 2007 Dir.: Markus Adrian
  • „Berliner Reigen“ ( as part of the team) film 2006 R.: Dieter Berner
  • „Die schwarze Kolonne“ film 2006 Dir.: A. Schaap
  • „Zimmer zu zweit“ – short Dir.: Heiko Martens


Paul Schwarz :

Paul Schwarz Portrait

Student for script-writing at hff-potsdam-berlin since 2001

Filmography (selection)

  • 2007 „Marie und Kai“ (AT),
  • 2007 „Wofür hast Du gekämpft?“, script and director (with Helga Löbel)
  • 2006 „Unterwasser“, Trailer for "Festival des
    Osteuropäischen Films Cottbus" (cinema and
    TV), script
  • 2006 „HFF/CUC Summer Academy“, german-chinese exchange program for Filmstudents, script, director and editing Supervising
    for „Passion Football Teens“, short, HFF Konrad
    Wolf/ CUC Peking
    1. Price of HFF Konrad Wolf „Summer Academy“
  • 2006 „Call Company“, three spots, script and
    production, Anna Wendt Filmproduktion
  • 2006 „Unser digitales Leben“, script (together with
    Silke Schulz), pilot for series, HFF Konrad Wolf

Sülke Schulz :

Silke Schulz

Scriptwriter and dramatic adviser


Filmography (selection)

  • 2007 „ Goldener Herbst “ (90 min) Dir.: Daniel Lang
  • 2007 „Heavy Mental“ Animations series
  • 2006 „ Unser digitales Leben “ (with Paul Schwarz), pilot, based on ideas by Marcus Adrian and Max Hemmo
  • 2005 „ 042 “ (Co- Autor Paul Schwarz), Awarded by the "theater channel " of ZDF (german big Broadcasting station)

Hilde Berger :

Script writer and superviser. She is also known as novellist.

Scripts (selection)

  • „August, der Glückliche“, (comedy) 90 min. Lisa-Film/ORF
  • „Joint Venture“ (film, comedy)
  • „Ob es Hass ist solche Liebe...“
    novel inspired by the lifes of Oskar Kokoschka und Alma Mahler. Boehlau-Verlag 1999
    Lizenz-Auflage: Herder-Verlag 2001

The Actors :

As you might learn from the directors statement much of the dramatic work was done by the actors themselves. Take al look at the cast for more information

Joachim Gern :

Joachim Gern is one of germans highest estimated photographers. Most of the Pictures on these pages are his work.



Robert Hentschel

Robert Hentschel (editor)

Was born in Erfurt, Germany, in 1974. He studied film editing at HFF Potsdam-Babelsberg, „Diplom-Schnittmeister“.
He is working as editor for several fiction and docu films.

work (selection)

  • „ Female / Male“ Dir.: Daniel Lang
    (Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis in Gold - 2005)
  • „Tage Aus NachtDir.: Jasmin Hermann
    (First Steps Award 2005)
  • additional woks with Dieter Berner
    „Engel, Tod und Teufel (2007) and „Die Anwältin - Tatort (2006)
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