Berliner Reigen / Synopsis

10 episodes. 10 actors. 10 short sexual interludes.

A Game of Seduction and Power. A Relay Race portraying a city's class hierarchy

Lili is working as a casual hooker in Monbijou Park, Berlin. The drugdealer Maik takes advantage of her services without offering any payment. Shortly after, Mike seduces an asylum-seeker from Ukraine. This Ukrainian girl has a cleaning job in the house of a concert manager whose son attempts to romance her. The son later seduces a married woman, an acquaintance of his parents. The married woman has to overcome this affair with her dentist husband. The dentist dreams of revenging his wife’s infidelity by having an affair with his cute assistant. His cute assistant flirts with a celebrity photographer. The photographer has an intimate connection with an actress. All characters meet once again at the photographer’s private showcase. At this event, the actress seeks out the showcase’s sponsor, a sensitive heir of a wealthy industrialist family. As is the nature of the round dance, the heir finally ends up on the dingy living room sofa of Lili, the casual hooker.

RadelbergerStudio BabelsbergFuji Kine FilmDolby in bestimmten Kinosaniworksecv-RentalHFF Konrad Wolf